Okay.  So the site is online and within 24 hours I’ve had no fewer than 20 new user registrations from all sorts of spam bots.  For this reason I’ve closed new user registration. is reborn!

It’s been years since I hosted  I haven’t used it in years.  Some have asked me why Lyrabas?  The simple answer is it was an online gaming id that I used years ago (think when Duke Nukem was new).  I’m called many things.  Grandpa where I work with predominantly younger technicians.  I chose to embrace the nickname and even brought in a cane.  Told them it was my whippersnapper beating stick for when they get out of line.  LOL.  It’s pretty late and this site is just a personal playground for my rantings.  More content will be added as I have the time and energy.  Warning…that will be a slow process.