What does it mean to be “Christian”

In my heart I know that to be a “Christian”, it means I should strive to live like Christ.  I feel that the word means Christ Like.

That means a simple life where I love and help my fellow brothers and sister.

If that means staying with someone as they pass on so they are not alone, then it means that.  If it means praying with or for someone, then that too.  To be among the sick, the hungry and those who need the lite of God in their life.

God came to earth, manifest in Jesus, to be among us and walk among us and to share our struggle.  He fed the hungry, healed the sick, raised the dead, died for us and in his death he conquered death.

I don’t see my mission as to bring people to Jesus.  I feel that it means I should bring Jesus to them.  There is no better testimony to the world than to live a truly Christian life.  When you do, people will see Christ in you.

There are people who have known me most of my life and when I begin to live my life according to Gods will, they noticed.

My goal in my life is simple.  When I wake up in the morning, I want Satan to say “Oh crap, he’s awake!”  LOL

I choose a life of service to God and my fellow brothers and sisters.